Vendor master setup requires credit payment terms field as per our ticket [#207261]

Hi Ginesys Team,

With reference to our ticket #207261 raised on Ginesys care, we have requested for addition of Vendor Credit Payment Terms.

As per current Ginesys Cloud version, vendor master does not have any feature of credit terms avaled from our vendors which may be in intervals of 45-90 days as per respective vendors being given by them to us for payment of outstanding dues. Currently customer master has been given tabs for credit days and limit to mentioned for respective customers but not available for vendors master.

Hence we would request you to kindly make addition of payment terms for credit period availed from vendors and ageing shall be given in same manner for not due and due based on credit period given.

Best Regards,

Neelesh Jadhav.


  • Finance Team
  • Oct 13 2022
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