stock Check in Delivery Slip.

when we make the delivery slip. system not check the negetive stock in delivery slip. but when final bill made then it alert negative is not allowed. Please give the negative stock alert at delivery slip level.

  • Amarinder Singh
  • Oct 11 2022
  • Already exists
  • Nov 2, 2022

    Admin response

    When you create a delivery slip, the system checks for the stock at the time of item selection/scanning itself. For delivery slips in collection center, we don't re-check the stock again.

    Stock is checked only for those items which are added on adhoc basis (not part of delivery slip) while creating the POS bill.

    Since the said functionality already exists, we are marking this idea as "Already Exists".

    Should you face any issue on the same, request you to log a care ticket and the same shall be addressed asap.

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