UDF field required for Ecommerce sales window


We require the option of adding the UDF field in the billing window of the Sales & Distribution>>Ecommerce transactions>>Billing by Brand.

The purpose is to identify the different types of sales from the same channel in online sales, other wise we have to keep on creating the different bill series which is difficult to select at the time of billing.

Kindly provide the option of adding the UDF fileds.

Note: Please refer the image attached.


Jeetendra C

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  • Sep 30 2022
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  • Oct 14, 2022

    Admin response

    We do have a provision of UDF you enable the same in the UDF config with module as "Retail Sale (primary)". However, we would suggest to have different channels itself for such cases as it will help in accounting reco as well.

    We are marking this idea as "Already exists".

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