Retail Sales and Stock Summery required some field

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This module Retail Sales and Stock Summery in web show some field just like Sale Qty-Stock Qty-Un Settled Sales Qty-Un Settled Closing Qty-Closing Transit Qty as on time and as you select time period without cube refresh. It Is so good reports.

But here add some field Sale Amount(Net Amount)-Sale Amount(COGS Value)-Sale Total Discount Amount(Net Amount)-Stock Amount-Un Settled Sales Amount-Un Settled Closing Amount-Closing Transit Amount-Store Stock Received Date(Transfer In Date)-Transfer In Qty-Transfer In Amount

Above This field added to Retail Sales and Stock Summery it is very important reports for vendor and management group. Because Management like as on time what sales and what's vale and how many discount and all over all how many without any expenses profit(Approx.).

This reports required very useful.

Exp-1-Suppose that A Vendor supplied Jeans-500 Pcs and this stock dispatch in store after 15 days. When vendor call to me after 30 days my Jens how many sales as on time so this reports it just few second run in web and run and show this items as how many sales store wise and total sales of all store and total value and total discount. After then vendor satisfied and my management satisfied next lot PO generated or notothens if this vendor stock not movement when check and decide to promotion will be run or not.

Exp-2-This reports main benefits of without any cube refresh run as custom between date.

Yellow marks added required field.



  • bipin singh
  • May 27 2022
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