Pending Order List under Job receipt entry not remove even after receiving that order but not saved

Dear Sir

under Job receipt entry, if there are 10 production order, all ten production order shows under pending list and when we receive all items of one particular order that order will not remove from list till then we do not save that job receipt. if create problem for us to selecting order from list because list remain the same even after receiving. we have to save the job receipt eight to nine times to remove order from pending list.

in your desktop version if we received all item from one particulars order then that order has removed from the pending list even before the saving of job receipt.

We create a ticket for that. the ticket id is 174789. they are unable to solve the issue and guide us to lodge in Idea.

Kindly check and do the needful as it create the confusion while selection the order number whether it took earlier or not.

Order number should be remove from selection list after receiving all items from it even before the saving of that job receipt.




  • May 18 2022
  • Likely to implement
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