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#158173 EMG E-Way Bill Upload Register for Store to Store or WH Merged

Hi Team,

We need EMG E-Way Bill Upload Register for Store to Store or WH. for generation of E-way Bill. this is WORK STOPPER ISSUE, So request you to please look into this on Priority Basis.

Thanks & Regards

Ashok Vishwakarma

  • Ashok Vishwakarma
  • Jan 13 2022
  • Released
  • Ashok Vishwakarma commented
    19 Apr, 2022 06:31am

    Dear Product Team,

    There is a report in the system called "#EMG E-Way Bill Upload Register#" in this report we get the information what we have Transfer in or Out / Sales invoice or Return, from Warehouse to Store.

    The Same way we need information what transaction done from store to store and store to warehouse in the same report.

    Currently this information is not generating in this "#EMG E-Way Bill Upload Register#" report.

    Hope your doubts are clear.

    Best Regards


  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    8 Apr, 2022 08:17am

    Could you please elaborate on the requirement, as we're unable to understand the actual business requirement / problem statement.

    -Product Team

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