Need Package Barcode Print From Store

Need Package Barcode Print From Store

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  • Jan 13 2022
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    Product Team commented
    31 Aug 12:54pm


    Called you at (+91)9331470016 ,and as conversed Please state us what is your business requirement so as to understand and resolve the same. Mention this within 7 business days else we need to mark the idea as UTI.

    -Product team (SA)

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    23 Jun 10:15am

    Pos Module Back Office>> Transaction >> Packet. We need Item Group and Packet Qty which was scanned and saved in a particular Packets.

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    18 Jan, 2022 06:06am

    When We return Item From Store to HO/Store . we make packets.

    but at HO packets from all stores got mixed
    If we can Paste A sticker on Packet (consisting Packets Information )it will be very helpful to identify Goods Return Store Wise

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    Product Team commented
    18 Jan, 2022 04:14am

    Could you please elaborate on the requirement. The pain area and the actual requirement behind it.

    -Product Team

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