POS Return | Exchange and new item purchase promotion issue

Currently, we have a promotion applicable on the set of items where on buying one item we will give 25% off and on two 40% discount.

After purchase when the customer is coming for product exchange and also taking a new item, biller is using POS return form for making the entry where as system is providing 40% discount for the new purchase. In contrary if POS exchange form is used for the entry, system is calculating expected promotion.

Hence, using POS return is causing revenue loss for the brand in such cases. (We can not restrict user in the system not to use POS return because if we de allocate POS return from the user role, exchange is also getting de activated)

Requirement: In this case system should populate correct promotion i.e 25% and not 40% because one item is exchanges and other is a new sale.

  • Product Team
  • Dec 29 2021
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