GST Tax Calculation based on State code to Customer GSTIN for POS billing

Hi Team

We have issue with tax calculation based on state code parameter for local customers but it should be based on GSTINNO parameter why bcz we are creating customer at all stores pan India they are giving mobile number at one state and shopping at other state and user is selecting from web and local database

If found then tagging into bill as well. We have already integrated with Fynd also they have requirement in their customer must have state code to import bill into Ginesys... same it going but by mistake store user selected one those customers then IGST tax is generating for local customers once bill has generated no options to modify

Ginesys Team said that void that bill number and generate new bill how it is possible

Give me some solution to modify like tax recalculation but it is also not supported for such type of query.

Or change parameter for tax calculation in POS Bills

due to this finance team having major issue..

kindly to needful.

Thank You



  • Pushpnedra Saxena
  • Sep 14 2021
  • Already exists
  • Sep 15, 2021

    Admin response

    We have a user policy "Trade group to be applied in case of the customer GST state is different from store state", please set this as "LOCAL" and thus even if the customer master (without GSTIN) is having a different state code, the system will populate LOCAL (CGST, SGST) tax.

    We are marking your idea as already exists. Should you find any further query on this, please log a ticket in Ginesys Care.

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