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hii Team

As aged or dead stock is a big headache to every bussiness -and cleareance of such stock require huge efforts and manpower.

why cant we easy this preassure by a joint network of salesperson - for which they should be rewarded with increase in incentive criteria - which could be possible by automize system of increase in commission with ageing of stock in an automized way.

for eg: Suppose Pos Site receive a good transfer in -

Goods A on 1st of April 2021 for which the sale incentive commission is kept as 0.7% of sales value of goods A

the Same good A - at it age of 180 days + can be auto incentivise to 1% of commission on its sales value

For Good A - at its age of 365+ , can be auto incentivise to 1.5% of commission on its sales value and so on

EFFECT OF THIS: On the practicle side of bussiness - Salesperson itslef are driven to sale those goods which are aged in nature - as they get extra rewarded in terms of increased incentive - certianly easing the pressure on bussiness biggest parameter ( dead stock cleareance)

Hope this would be consider as an idea - to ease the bussiness

  • pratik bhutada
  • Apr 22 2021
  • Released
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