Loyalty points value to be considered as discount not cash

Loyalty points value should be considered as discount amount not cash, because we are not taking any money from customer for the same and we have to file the GST according to Bill value, which is a loss for us. Suppose, someone has earn 10000 points with value of 500 Rs. if same customers buys an item for 1000 Rs and wants to redeeem old points value Rs, 500/-, means customer is paying only 500/- Rs for this bill. Although in current system Bill value is still Rs. 1000/- and we have to file the GST according to Rs. 1000/- which means we are already loosing the profit & principal amt too in this bill and also we are paying GST the difference amount of purchase & sale value. in actual bill amount should be changed to Rs. 500.00 instead of Rs. 1000.00. Kindly look into this matter.

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  • Apr 15 2021
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