Assembly items addition after making a Working Plan ( lot)


Our Points are :

1)We mentioned One assembly item in a lot number, due to non availability of that fabric we were not able to modify that item, we are presently doing it on Ad-hoc basis, we want this in lot based.

2)Similarly another assembly item mentioned in a lot number, after 50% completion it is noticed that the fabrics not available in store,

then we want to issue similar type of fabric for rest 50% of job and want to complete the job, the existing Ginesys pkg not allowing to do this, we are presently doing on ad-hoc bases, we want in lot based.

3)Some Fabric code not mentioned in the LOT or want to add some new fabric in LOT for dyeing or printing which is to be lot based .

Is it possible ?

for your ready refernce- attaching screen shot here with comments.


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  • Mar 1 2021
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    Product Team commented
    2 Mar, 2021 06:16am

    Dear Sir,

    As discussed with you over the phone, your mentioned requirements are existing features and readily available in the Ginesys Web (version 12 and above).

    Please note the following solutions:

    1. If you create a Working Plan of Rayon Crepe with 100 Quantity, and later if you want to modify its Quantity (partial or full) and proceed with different Item(s), then we recommend you to take the help of the Alternate Mode available in the Job Receipt. The benefits are as follows -

      1. You can receive multiple Alternate Items against a particular Plan Item based on your requirement.

      2. Plan Item's Pending Quantity will be auto-adjusted during Alternate receiving.

      3. Alternate Item(s) will be auto-inserted to the Working Plan after Job Receipt.

      4. Already issued Component Item(s) of the Plan Item will be auto-returned (calculated as per Alternate Quantity).

      5. Required Component Item(s) of the received Alternate Item will be auto-issued.

      6. Alternate Item(s) will be auto-inserted into the WIP for processing of the next pending Processes.

      7. Complete tracking of the Plan Item and all its Alternate Item(s) along with their respective Quantity will be available in the System as well as in the Reports.

    2. New Assembly Item addition to a Working Plan is allowed as long as the Working Plan is not Complete (i.e., Job Receipt is done for the last Processes of all Assembly Items).

    We request you to please have hands-on practice in your demo system and check if all your mentioned business requirements are mapped in the system or not. We also request you to please provide us with feedback for the same. In case of any further query, please feel free to get in touch with us.

    Happy to assist you.

    Ginesys Business Analyst

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