Option to Clear promotion from Only Selected Items in POS Billing

At the POS level , say if a customer had bought 10 items out of which there is different promotion on 4 items .

Now say , out of the 4 items, there is a mistake from the backend HO team in adding assortment for the promotion in only 1 of the items , that they have entered a 30% promotion item barcode into 50% promotion .

Now , at the Billing desk it comes to the notice of the cashier that even though the item is 30% promo item, due to some mistake from the HO , the item is coming a 50% on Billing screen and he wants to manually clear the wrong Promotion from that item only and apply a manual item level discount of 30%.

Now when we click on Clear Item level Promotion , ALL the Promotions get cleared in all items, ie the promotion gets cleared from all the 4 items and he has to give manual item level discount to all the 4 items.

We want an option where ITEM level promotion of only the selected item gets removed and not all the items in the Invoice

  • Ashutosh Lala
  • Feb 11 2021
  • Will not implement
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    15 Feb, 2021 04:48am

    Please create separate bills, one bill for the item in which promo needs to be cleared and another bill - as regular.

    We would further recommend to ensure proper discipline while adding items to promotions as small mistakes goes unnoticed by cashiers during rush hours and would result in low profitability.

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