Web hooks required in Ginesys ERP (PreSave/PostSave)

webhooks (ie. reverse APIs, called on an occurrence event in GINESYS) along with the current vision of a GDS and EMR/API Gateway. This will allow event based integration/validations with 3rd party Apps.

Case Study: To integrate with a 3rd Party Workflow/Process validation App

* Suppose, a business rule defined in the 3rd Party App to restrict cash payment above 1 Lakh for GINESYSuser-A.

* Once a payment voucher entry above 1 Lakh is attempted by GINESYSuser-A, an HTTP request is triggered by GINESYS to the URL configured for the webhook.

* Webhook Endpoint in the 3rd Party App will suggest action (may be stop the entry from saving in GINESYS)

My request would be to consider Webhooks as a part of our integration strategy from Day1 along with GDS & API Gateway. This will allow process-level integrations with 3rd Party Solution providers.

  • Product Team
  • Oct 11 2020
  • Likely to implement
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