Sale Credit Note: Required option to populate items net of return, against selected sales invoice.

Requirement: Sales Invoice created with 500 items. Some items are returned by customer which is booked against that invoice. There after on negotiation a discount of 5000/- was provided, which needs to be adjusted via credit note to get the GST impact.

On selection of Invoice in Sale credit note, all items witht total quantity is populated. Items which are returned is required to be manually searched and removed which is troublesome, considering the number of items invoice is in hundreds.

Option to required to populate item net of return for creation of Sale credit note.

Reference Care ticket: 83117 & 80282

  • Product Team
  • Oct 8 2020
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    9 Oct, 2020 05:45am

    You can even issue sales debit note, so in such case there can be an expectation of issuing sales credit note adjusting sales return + sales debit note.

    Please help us with your business understanding whether you want to issue a full reversal against the invoice? What exactly is your use case?

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