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Dear Sir,

At present price list is capturing "last in rate" at the time of transaction. We need FIFO option in price list. for example- if we buy 100 qty with rate 10rs. after 1 month if we buy 100 qty in 9.50rs. and there is a price list define cost+10% then price list will pick 9.50rs.+10% if FIFO option in price list then it will pick first stock with price list 10rs.+10% for first 100 qty after finish 100 qty price list will take 9.50+10%. Please implement this.

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Beer Singh


  • Beer Singh
  • Oct 3 2020
  • Will not implement
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    Product Team commented
    9 Oct, 2020 06:07am

    When you are transferring goods to your location on cost price, it can be only done in the last received price, i.e., the effective price. It cannot be transferred in FIFO rate. Let's understand the fact that this transaction rate has no impact wrt to costing. COGS is calculated on FIFO basis after doing the transaction. So the valuation of the product is easily derived once you do the transaction and run COGS.

    We would recommend you to make the transfers on MRP/RSP-X% which will resolve your concerns - as this rate has no relevance in terms of costing once the goods are received in the destination location.

    We hope we were able to address your concern. Due to current architecture, we will not able to provide the "FIFO" rate option. We are marking your idea as "Will not implement". However, we appreciate the ideas being posted by you. Keep sharing your ideas.

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