Adding Child details of Customer


As we capture spouse name in the customer master, the same way child details also need to be captured along with school name of the child. Here there should be option to capture max 3 children in the system.

Also these child records need to be allowed in drop down while tagging customer in cash memo. To show that for which child customer is buying the products along with the school name.

Same as sales and returns transactions its needs to be tagged in the transaction along with main customer master.


Harshad K

  • Harshad Kandalkar
  • Sep 7 2020
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Sep 16, 2020

    Admin response

    Present architecture of Ginesys doesn't allow us create additional non-mandatory fields in customer master. But as a work-around you can do the following:

    You can utilize existing UDF functionality & can create / assign an Editable Choice List named 'Child Name'. Once created, you can capture respective customer's child names in there. And once captured, it will be saved forever and you can just search & tag the same in the child name field when-ever required.

    Hope this resolves the requirement. We're marking this as will not implement. Keep posting your idea.

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