Need Reporting of Partywise Stock movement towards the particular Warehouse in Production Module

Dear Team,

We are unable to find report of the party wise stock sent to our stitching master. Please add some features in the Web Report or Bi Report for Production Module, so the we can track our goods in other's warehouse house. In this Corona Crisis we are unable to track party wise stock in other warehouse(stock sent for stitching). Most of our customers have cancelled their PO's, so how will we come to know which product we have to stop the production. This is very Serious and very necessary to implement other wise this software is useless to us. Since we are helpless from your side, our organisation is suffering huge loss and hence we cannot survive in this critical situation.

Thank You,

Ajit Singh-8928977571

  • Sachin Gupta
  • Jul 13 2020
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