Item Master Radio Button for Extinct Yes/No

Filter already exists but let's have a radio button of Extinct Yes/No and default as No.
As it will help for most of us download the item master from there.
best if beside the Action button

Same required for Promotion Allocation Tab, for Expired promotion and not expired

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  • Feb 20 2020
  • Will not implement
  • Feb 21, 2020

    Admin response

    The purpose of item master is to list out all items available, including extinct ones. As you mentioned filter already exists; Replacing filter with a radio button would defeat the purpose of column wise sorting / visibility feature. Let us assume, there is a radio button:

    • We would have two buttons/clicks for same work

      • Radio button in No mode; i.e. Extinct column filter is set. Now, if the user clears out column filter then view list would display all (extinct & non-extinct) items.

        • Radio button's purpose failed

      • If user deselect the Extinct column then view list would not display the target column; No matter what mode the radio button is in

        • Radio button's purpose failed

    • Column wise operation is being withdrawn for Extinct column

      • At any given point, user would not get the full item list

    We're marking this idea as will not implement. We appreciate your effort; keep posting.

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    21 Feb, 2020 08:30am

    The radio button on Yes (along With Extinct Item), No (without extinct item)
    No is default.

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