Bom change Impact


On change of BOM of every item, all existing working plan should incorporate the new BOM, for the production of their pending process. Pending process includes process for which Job Order is raised but not yet received, as well as process for which job order are not yet raised.

Note: Order which are partly received, pending quantity will be accounted as pending orders.

Current Working:

Vedant's working practice states that, Material consumption should always be as per current BOM.

  • Presently as soon as they are modifying any BOM, they use to follow below process-

    • Cancel all the pending Orders.

    • WIP Clearance for all the items in current working plans.

    • Create new plans as per new BOM.

      • Remove already complete process.

      • Add SF goods from clearance process in respective items.

    • Create orders those were cancelled from new plans

  • In order to overcome above process manually, they has created a custom tool which perform all the desired actions i.e.-

    • An excel file is imported through the utility, having process wise BOM for each Assembly items .

    • The utility performs all the above actions, after modifying the BOM master for the specified items in the Excel file.

Proposed Solution:


  2. For Vedant, steps to be followed after BOM change.

    1. BOM utility created by them to perform below action -

      1. Import excel file and modify the specified items BOM.

      2. Marks the flag 'Consider Rawmaterial from Master' = Yes, in existing Working plan for those items.

      3. Cancel the pending Job order

      4. Re-create the cancel orders.

    2. Replenishment Planning

      1. Material purchase planning to be changed: Reference of Raw material from Working Plan to be changed to BOM master.

    3. Pending Consumption report

      1. Material requirement reference from Working Plan to be changed to referring BOM Master.

Advantage of the proposed solution:

WIP Clearance is not required, hence unwanted stock reflection can be avoided.

Unwanted Costing impact in Inventory reflection will be removed.

Working Plan cancellation not required. Production can be continued in same plan cycle as initiated.

  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Jan 24 2020
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 12.1.0
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