Billing Problem in Exchanged Item when customer get Redeemed their Loyalty Point

Billing Problem in Exchanged Item when customer get Redeemed their Loyalty Point against a Item and then particular item customer get Return on Same day or any day .


Ex: Mr. X Purchased a product of Rs 1000/- on 17-10-19. Against this Purchased Customer Redeemed his Loyalty Point of Rs. 200/- and Balance 800/- he paid in Cash.


On the Very next Date on 18-10-2019 he exchanged that particular Item and chosen another item of Rs. 1200/-


In logically customer should pay Rs. 200/- against this Return consideration. (Rs.1200-1000=200) 


But in current system return consideration is showing of Rs. 400/- (as Rs.200/- Loyalty point Redemption is not considered)


In my viewing point if Redeemable point is adjusted against billing Level instead of Item level then this problem will Resolved.

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  • Nov 26 2019
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