Service population help in Service Order

Presently for recurring service order (like monthly rent of Shop premises), user has to enter multiple line of same service with different Validity. Suppose for 3 yrs rent contract, Service order need to be created with 36 line items (each of every month) with same service. Need option to populate those records quickly.

Option could be like, for a given date range populate monthly records, etc

  • Sushil Agarwal
  • Nov 25 2015
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 11.114.0
  • Dec 20, 2016

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, your suggested feature has been released. Site schedule can now be defined using import excel option in service Order.

    Keep sharing your ideas.

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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    30 Nov, 2015 05:57am

    Thanks for your request. We are Keeping this issue in "Future Consideration" category  due to the current priorities and goals. However, we will keep this idea open to gather additional feedback to track the level of interest within the community. We can easily revisit the status and prioritize it in the future if needed. 

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