Error Message for Duplicate Order Entry.

When we are entering any particular Design Number at the time of Order Entry against any Customer, and if the same Design number comes to us from the same Customer every time, then at the time of Entry, there should be an Error Message which will ask for our confirmation that, this particular Design Number is already booked by the Customer previously. so we will accept or Reject the particular Design Number. 

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  • Jul 31 2019
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  • Jan 15, 2020

    Admin response

    We do have existing User Profile Policy "Alert on scanning if Item is previously delivered within __ days" in Ginesys Web. As workaround you can follow the below mentioned process:

    If activated, system will check & ask for confirmation (Accept OR Reject) while SO and subsequent DC (Against Document) creation as well as DC Adhoc, for the target site and item. As this check is user profile based, you have to activate the same for all users, who's handling SO & DC. PFA the screenshot.

    We appreciate your effort; we're marking this as Already Exists. Keep posting.

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