Dear Team,
We need to prepare payment as per the stock movement.. For this we need to analyse GRC level inventory movement. 

 Whats the quantity we received and quantity sold in store and present on hand stock. This is also help us in dead stock clearance by returning the non-movement stocks to vendor or put an discount on those items.. This will help us in converting the non movable stocks in to liquid cash.
Please go through with the enclosed format for the report we required.
We need report like as in the encasement. Presently we are able to take report by store level i.e. in POS locations through POS Analytics only by giving the vendor invoice number in Item Description-3. But in some cases we are getting old bar-code even we describes new parameter in Item 
Description-3.  And the report we are getting is not enough for proper stock level understanding because some quantities were kept in ware house for a long period.
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  • madhu latchubugata
  • Jul 28 2019
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    16 Sep 08:46

    To get GRC wise Sales and Stock report, you have to create separate Item code for each GRC, Otherwise Ginesys cannot track the sale in compare to GRC. For example if same Item purchased twice in 2 GRC in 2 different date and Ginesys maintained One Item code then Sale data cannot be segregated. You have to create separate Item code for each GRC. Please revisit your implementation process, you will get the report as desired.

  • madhu latchubugata commented
    16 Sep 08:55

    Dear Team

    We need the same for H.O. Also... Please check with the attachments.. We are getting only Site quantities.. We need H.O.Quantity also..

  • Pushpendra Saena commented
    16 Sep 09:59

    Dear team,

    Same we are doing but��� problem while we are making purchase order���like

    We create po of 200qty in the month 25-Jul-19 and we received 100 qty in month of aug-19 this is first purchase and we received 100 qty in the month of sep-19 then it is difficult to create new barcode for second time receive against po.
    In same case��� how would I know sale and stock report only for which is received in the month of Aug-19.

    This is the problem here.. suggest me in this case���


  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    16 Sep 13:12

    Let us check the implementation process, will get back to you shortly

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