Barcode Import option required in POS Bill

Presently, we are allowed to scan a barcode or select the item using search option. But we want an option to bulk import the items in a POS bill. We want to provide barcode and quantity in notepad and want the notepad to be read in POS bill.

Reason: We do stock audit in stores and whatever difference is there in the store, we prepare a POS bill in cash so that inventory gets up-to-date, tax is paid to the government and then we can book loss. We don't have to pass any adjustment entry/misc. issue and justify it later on. Everything should be there in books.

  • Sushil Agarwal
  • Nov 24 2015
  • Already exists
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    8 Dec, 2017 08:57am

    Is the feature required anymore? It is already suggested to implement this via Macro programming.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    16 Dec, 2015 07:55am

    Import Barcode option already exist in 'Select Item' option

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