Apply Discount on the basis of Previous Bill

We want to run promotion on my POS. Buy any footwear and get 20% Discount on next purchase.
We want to limit the discount value should not exceed  20% of first bill value, on which we had issued discount voucher.
But in case if the second purchase value is less then the first bill value it should take 20% discount of second bill.
Minimum of  (1st Bill , Second bill) * 20%
Please call for any clarification to the undersigned.
Thanks & Regard
Varun 9891894501
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  • May 11 2019
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  • May 15, 2019

    Admin response

    This is coupon concept, i.e., on 1st purchase a coupon shall be generated which can be adjusted in the second bill/purchase. You can implement this concept using third party coupon services offered by EasyRewardz, Capillary, etc.

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