Purchase Return Document auto release problem

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We need at the time of creation of debit/credit note (wizard) documents automatically release. Given reference number also not required at GST Government portal at the time of debit/credit note processing. Its a mandatory to tag the original sale or purchase invoice number only.

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Greetings from Ginesys Care.
The solution has been mailed against Ticket #30848.
In case, you need release provision without specifying the DN/CN number, we will have to analyze the change impact (according to the GST rules/law) first. It also has impact in syncing to EasemyGST. For this, you will have to log a new idea.
We are closing this ticket as per support policy.

The issue reported by you, through 35227 - Re: Purchase Return Document auto release problem, is not available in Ginesys as per current functionalities. We request you to log an idea at our idea portal :
All community reported ideas go through a voting system as well as internal assessment. If your idea is taken up for development, you will be informed by the Product Management team accordingly.

Happy to assist you.
Siddharth Bhojnagarwala
Ginesys Product Management
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  • Raj Verma
  • Mar 8 2019
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