Allow General Journal Entry where same ledger is both debited and credited but for different cost centres

In case, a bill is booked in the wrong cost centre and identified later during an audit  there is a need to pass a rectification entry to correct the same. For example an Advertising bill for the Dhanbad store is booked in the Jamshedpur store. We would need to pass a rectification entry as follows:

Advertisement A/C (Dhanbad) Dr

To Advertisement A/C (Jamshedpur)


When we tried to pass the above entry through the General Journal form but an error as attached with this ticket showed.

The same need may also arise if say the wrong General ledger is tagged to an item, and stock transfer for the same is done. Now upon identification we can correct the General ledger for future transactions but for the the transactions that are already done we would have to pass a journal entry similar to the one above to make the required rectification. 

  • Anshul Goenka
  • Mar 6 2019
  • Will not implement
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