Required Duplicate Document Number Check Option In Gate Entry Form

Dear Sir,

           Required Duplicate Document Number Check Option In Gate Entry Form Or Software Show Message This Document Number Already Entry You Want To proceed.

  • Sunil Kumar Singh
  • Feb 14 2019
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Mar 30, 2020

    Admin response

    The reference document no field is associated with LR Entry No., and the said doc no is a reference no for specific LR Entry no. As no gate entry document can be saved with duplicate LR entry no, it's pointless to impose duplicate check on the reference document no field. What if a different LR Entry No with same reference document no needs to be captured!? We're marking this as unlikely to implement.

    Appreciate your effort. Keep posting your ideas.

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  • Guest commented
    19 Mar, 2022 08:20am

    We require this option, as the local transaction there will be no LR document entry.

  • Sunil Kumar Singh commented
    29 Mar, 2019 12:40pm

    Dear Sir,

                LR Invoice Number Not LR Document. And If goods purchase local vendor then only gate entry make.



  • SUBHAJIT DEY commented
    29 Mar, 2019 10:12am

    We don't have any LR entry, We are direct capture in Gate entry , how can we manage this? 

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    29 Mar, 2019 09:51am

    That should be put in LR document. Why are you specifying the same in Gate Entry?

  • Sunil Kumar Singh commented
    20 Feb, 2019 05:06am

    Dear Sir,

                    We are putting bill number of consignor / supplier.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    20 Feb, 2019 04:26am

    Can you please specify which document number do you capture in Gate entry?

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