Job order should be proceed using BOM consumption based on QTY

Job order should be proceed using BOM consumption based as per Job order QTY

In Production we are looking for the below mentioned options. It will helpful for organisation to control the production.


Case 1:

  1. Before that BOM will created used style wise components consumption
  2. In earlier we are used to create the job order using BOM barcode and component summary.
  3. Once process the component summary for the Job order it will calculate the BOM Consumption based on job order QTY.
  4. Here we need to print the job order for following details.
  5. A) Job order Qty for style wise.
  6. B) BOM consumption for QTY based

            3) Component Item Bar code for those have in RAW stock point


Case 2:

  1. if possible to issue the stock against in job order
  2. It will happening we suggest to create the style wise BOM
  3. Above things if possible we have do to control miscellaneous Entry and negative stock value.
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  • Feb 11 2019
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