SUPPORT: Multiple issues as discussed

Please find the mentioned points below;

  • While trying to close the inventory month, the error is showing wrong ( Few extinct sites are not yet settled from HO).- Need to provide front end option to find the sites where stlm not received in HO.
  • The transfer out's which are already being authorized but in Ginesys Desktop, the full line "Authorized by 'Name' on 'Date' 'Time' " is not showing. 
  • While opening POS bill window with particular user if role privilege is not provided to SALE an item, the message pop-up that this terminal doesn't allow to sale item. The message is incorrect. There is no option to sale an item from terminal master. It is not terminal specific. This is role privilege of users.
  • In invitem table the column name is: non inventory so for all the items which are inventory item the field is holding value N(NO).
    But in Ginesys Web, in list view, the column name is inventory item so logically the value should show Yes if the item is inventory item and No if it's non-inventory. But, the values are directly fetched from invitem table so in inventory item field it's showing No for inventory item.
  • Document numbering scheme : Doc Numbering Scheme which will be used for GST related documents required [SDI] in either suffix or prefix. But error message is showing incorrect. If SDI is not provided the error showing "Prefix/Suffix should contain [SITE] for GST type documents."
  • POS Secondary Backup : Suppose, Secondary backup location selected as mapped drive/pen drive. Now, removed the mapped drive. While taking full backup no message pop up that secondary backup location not available. In backup history log it is showing only Secondary location is not defined.
  • Unable to login to POS with username due to terminal master not setup. - POS Terminal initial message is ok but in Pos terminal we cannot set initial. It need to be done in POS Server. So messages should be proper to provide initial from POS Server.

    a. Sync to store after allocating the users from HO
    b. Login with SYSTEM/SYSTEM and run sync
    c. take back up
    d. Setup Terminal master
    e. License setup
    f. Re-login with username as per send from HO
    *The above process need to implied in our software*
  • GSTR2 B2B (PURCHASE INVOICE) FOR CESS amt is negative.  - Cess is in negative amount issue still coming every month. As Siddharth Sir recommended a Custom trigger to be implement.
  • Shambojit Sengupta
  • Jan 15 2019
  • Likely to implement
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