We are not able to view the exact outstanding balance of customers . The report is very lengthy ad even shows the settled bills of customers. Our requirement is ONLY current outstanding with customer name , bill date, bill no., amount and balance. 


M.M.D.AND CO.vama

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  • Oct 24 2018
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    Product Team commented
    24 Dec, 2021 06:23am

    We would like to inform you that we have released two reports based on POS Customer Outstanding at our Web Report Platform. Please go through following reports where you will get all your desired information. We marking this idea as 'already exists'

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    17 Sep, 2019 04:53am

    This is not about B2B outstanding report, customer requesting for B2C(POS Customer) outstanding report. In POS Analytic or web report only outstanding bill should show with all customer master information, but now it's showing all transaction record showing (which payment already paid by customer)against every customer.

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    Product Team commented
    16 Sep, 2019 12:28pm

    In latest version we release Bill wise outstanding report. Please check whether it suffice your requirement or not.

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