Price List with Fixed Rate

In Departmental Stores and Lingerie Products. Same SKU have different selling rate like 4-5 rates.

Now we can capture two fixed prices for any sku in MRP or WSP then play with it as markup/markdown percentage. But can't fix a designated rate.

Scenario for Departmental Store. One our client sales Potato in 4 different rate to customers he categorised in 4 types. Like type A, type B customers. For type A customers rs 10 for type B rs 11. This can't be done with %age as there will be no fluctuations for such less rs 1/2 change.

My idea is in the price list we can do sku wise pricing in the exceptiio grid. But it allows factor in percentage not any fixed price. If there's a possibility of introducing a fixed price and give excel import of the sku in the exception grid. It will solve this problem as our clients are ready to create excel and upload different pricing for different price lists. 

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  • Oct 6 2018
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    11 Oct, 2018 11:45am

    Fixed price option already exists. Change Expection Basis to from "As per Master Config." to "Fixed price" and then specify the fixed rate in the Factor / Price column.

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