Modify undelivered items in sale order

There are list of 10 items for which sale order is made and authorized. Out of which 7 items are delivered. In remaining 3 items, one of the items require rate/qty to be modified in sale order which cannot be done as it is part delivered and un-authorization is not possible because of this. We are required to cancel the sale order made and make a new sale as of now, which is not practically correct as in future when we check the reports it will show as item order cancelled and which is does not reveal the reason for actual cancelling of sale order. Cancellation should be done only if the customer cancels the order and not for modifications.

We require an option to allow modifying only undelivered items in sale order. Kindly consider this issue and take into consideration.

  • Hannu Knitters
  • Sep 22 2018
  • Likely to implement
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