Backup - Restore HO misc. problems

In recent days requests for setting up demo or test instance from customer have increased significantly. A significant amount of support resource being used up for such setup. We require some urgent enhancements and solutioning to ease up the setup process of a demo instance so that customer can do it by themselves, whevener they require. We are facing following challenges which need to be simplified.

1. Completeness Backup Application: Ginesys Database backup application doesn't take complete backup. All newer schemas are not included there. Need to include those schema like GINSSOT, GINAPPS, GINVIEW etc.

2. Completeness of Restore Application: Post restoration of Ginesys database there are many steps related to database restoration we need to take manually, like, restoration or recreation of schemas not covered in Ginesys backup or running of SYNONYMS.

3. Compilation error: There are many objects remain un-compiled as invalid object. Which need to compile manually.

4. Removal of WEBDB connection details from HO database manually immediate after the database gets restored.

  • Product Team
  • Aug 23 2018
  • Likely to implement
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