Add Site Name in Pick List and Confirm Pick List Web Display

Add Site Name in Pick List and Confirm Pick List Column Web Display. As it can be configured in Stock Reservation.

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  • Aug 21 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Guest commented
    28 Aug, 2018 08:08am

    Agreed but then how do I know the pick list is for which site or order as there is no reference. I have to compare 2 windows or reports to get the details. Then please consider Site Column in the Edit Pick List Window, beside the Sales Order No. for Reference.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    28 Aug, 2018 04:41am

    One pick list can have multiple site's reservations tagged to it. As per the current architecture, this provision is not possible.

  • Guest commented
    27 Aug, 2018 05:27am

    Like in Stock Reservation we have Site Cloumn. We need Site Column in Pick List and Confirm Pick List. This Site Name is appearing "inside" as you can see in attached 2.png, but it will be pretty helpful, If we can show it like we are showing outside too,as in case of Stock Reservation

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    27 Aug, 2018 04:43am

    Please give screenshots with marking to help us understand your requirement.

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