Feature enhancement & requirement in Ginesys Budget Master module

  1. Import excel is required for defining Budget. Ledger, Sub Ledger and Cost Center wise
  2. Same Excel import required for Editing and Updating Budget.
  3. Upon editing Original Value and Amended value need to be Captured.
  4. Profile based Stop/Warning check required if budged figure exceeds in finance entry forms.
  5. Profile based and Ledger base tolerance limit is to be imposed. .i.e. 5% tolerance can be given in profile and 10% tolerance can be imposed in a particular ledger.
  6. Previous month pending budget can be consider in subsequent month budget. i.e  Say for Advertisement Ledger budget is Rs.5000/- for April, May in the Month of April Actual expense was 4500/-  and in May if Advertisement exp crossed budgeted figure system will allow to book expenses till 5500/-  i.e Budgeted amount 5000/- + 500/- of previous month pending.
  7. Olap and Web reports on Budget Analysis considering those enhancements.
  • Avinash Singh
  • Aug 8 2018
  • Likely to implement
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