Show outstanding customer credit after entering name on POS

Customer A bills for Rs. 500 and on credit. After 14 days, the customer comes for purchase to the store again They buy products worth 400 and the cashier is now billing all of those. He then asks the customer for their name, once they add the customer name, the system should now tell the cashier that this customer has a balance of 500 to be cleared. Currently, customers claim that they never billed and/or that they have already paid it.

  • Nachiappan Ramanathan
  • Aug 7 2018
  • Already exists
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  • Amarinder Singh commented
    2 May, 2023 09:13am

    Please give the pop up option if customer has pending balance amount.

  • Nachiappan Ramanathan commented
    20 Aug, 2018 08:49am

    While this solves the problem temporarily, it would be much easier if there was a popup that showed the oustanding amount for a customer at the time of billing. We'll not have to rely on the cashiers to click on that arrow button and then see what the balance is.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    9 Aug, 2018 05:46am

    We already have a provision to check the pending amount of the customer in POS screen. Please refer the attached image.

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