Format of the Customer Outstanding Report at POS

Dear Support Team,
We are facing a most crucial issue on Customer Outstanding Report at POS.
This report does not works as we require. In current format we have to Select the name of the Customer to see the details of the Outstanding even we have to put the date from where it is outstanding. We want All Customer Outstanding Detail till date wherever it is pending from with Invoice details. Please give us a proper solution for this issue.
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Ajit Singh-8356954722
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  • Jul 21 2018
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    15 Mar, 2021 10:19am

    We are changing status of the idea.

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    Product Team commented
    15 Mar, 2021 10:19am

    We have already released similar report of POS Customer Outstanding in Web Report Platform at HO. This report shows overall outstanding for all the customers across different store. Further, we have given date from so that you can focus on a particular period's document if you want (all previous entries before that will be shown under Opening balance in consolidated form). If there is no such need then you can choose the date when Ginesys installed to get all the document details in the report.

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