Jobber - Process wise Logistics Tracking required

Dear Sir,

Jobber - Process wise Logistics Tracking required.


1.  Cutting [Jobber A]

2.  Stitching [Jobber B]

3.  Embroidery [Jobber C]

4.  Finishing [Jobber A]

After first process, the Jobber A directly supplies the materials to Jobber B, Jobber B then gives to Jobber C, Jobber C to Jobber A and then Jobber A finally returns to HO.

Now, the requirement is that whatever goods gets into Ho, gate entry to be managed. But the challenge is that if the Jobber A's gate entry applicable is turned on, then even after Cutting process, user will have to prepare a dummy gate entry when physically no goods were received into HO warehouse.

So please arrange to provide the same.


Ashwani Kumar

  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Jul 10 2018
  • Unlikely to Implement
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    14 Jul, 2018 08:06am

    This is not possible with the current structure generically.

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