POS Admin view of 'Can Change' and / or 'Can Delegate' Policies

Currently, POS users have no way of knowing from the front end if HO has allowed them to change particular policies like applicable discount amount / rates. The Modify rights of Master Policy Management only shows that the users assigned to the particular role can modify the Master Policy values, that the HO permits to change. But it does not show which rights are allowed to be modified. So, in case any POS user (of a non-centralized POSneeds to change a Master Policy value, they might have to go through trial and error, which is frustrating for the user. But if there was an opportunity to view the same in read-only mode from the POS Administration module > Policy > Master Policy > User Settings OR   POS Administration module > Security > Roles > Access Rights, it would be easier for the users.

Small idea, but may prove to be useful for POS Administrators.

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  • Jun 18 2018
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    Product Team commented
    25 Jun, 2018 06:38am

    We already have a demarcation on which policy values can be edited. The policies which are allowed to be edited are in black color font whereas the policies which are not allowed to be edited are in grey color.

    For can delegate, whenever any user goes to role policy creation, the list of policies available while creation is can delegate enabled, so no need for the same.

    Also, as a strategy, we are moving forward to centralized user management only. 

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