Ap/ar leger mapping for mop type credit card

Currently ar/ap ledger mean main bill wise transaction.i.e bill outstanding 

And ledger of nature gernsl mean only bill wise outstand cannot be maintain.

Now i have 7 pos managed store site.

I have 3 credit card mop each store hdfc,sbi,amex.

Very day when store is settel 7 x 3 21leger posting is done to credit card ledger.

Butmany time bank do not credit money in my account. Because of void or technical fault.

I  have 34 pos edc machine so 34 credit tranction daily from store.

Now i want  adjust these 34 credit tranction with 21 store settelment ledger. Tell me how to do.

And get report like.

Settelment for date     |    ledger      |  amt    | pending amt  | bal

2mar                              |   hdfc card | 20000| 20000            |0

2mar                              |  sbi card    | 20000 |  0         | 10000

3mar                             |   amec        |2000     | 2000            |  0


But site master in mop tagging do not allow to tag ap/ar ledger.

Pls allow this so we can see this report for outstandibg bills.

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  • Apr 6 2018
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