POS Order to be converted to invoice only after confirmation via OTP

Fully or partially paid POS order is made. Then cashier may convert it to invoice either by depositing balance (in case of partial paid order) or without any cost and then pilfer the stock. Need confirmation. 

Currently we will only come to know that there is a fraud when original customer comes and complains that he did not receive product and at that point we have no way of accepting/ disproving this. Other option is taking a delivery acceptance on order print and saving it for future reference as attachment.

  • Rohit Khetan
  • Mar 16 2018
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    19 Mar, 2018 01:48pm

    We have OTP option for credit note adjustment, won't it suffice the requirement?

    As per the business scenario specified, if there is OTP configured for credit note redemption, the cashier won't be able to redeem the credit note and mark the POS order as successfully delivered?

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