Sales against approval for Store Site (Managed Site)

Co sends goods to FR against approval basis against a challan as per the GST law. The nature of this challan is not to be treated as a stock transfer note. FR sells the product on a future date say 5 days after receipt of goods. Post selling the goods CO raises a TAX invoice on FR.

Benefit- Co saves on the advance tax being paid as GST on day 1 when the goods is being sent to the FR


Co will raise the Tax invoice and the FR will stand as a debtor account in Co’s books

FR will sell the goods against his GSTN no outside the state


We need to asceratin how will the above be mapped in software against a managed site/ FR store.


Refer point 3 on the web link

  • Mar 12 2018
  • Unlikely to Implement
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    Product Team commented
    23 Jul, 2021 04:51am

    Though we understand this requirement, however, the practical usage of such working in GST regime is very vague and non-standard as per market practises. We are marking this idea as "Unlikely to implement" but keeping it open for further votes. If enough votes are gathered in this, we shall be considering this.

    Thanks for posting your idea, keep posting!

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