Memo/Bill .rpt file to be managed from Organisation Unit.

We must be able to manage the Cash memo/Return Memo/PTC Bill etc, which is generated at Managed Sites. We are currently having 50+ Managed Sites, and so it is really time consuming to manually connect each Site and search for the terminal and change the .rpt file. Also, while replacing any .rpt file, the old .rpt file remains as it is at some sites, and at some sites, the old .rpt file is overlapped.

If the .rpt file is managed from HO, it will reduce the time consumption, thus will lead to increase in productivity.

An option should be added in Ginesys Web>Retail Management, where we can update or modify any .rpt file by selecting the respective Managed Site. Next, upon Synchronization, the .rpt file(s) will be updated at the respective Managed Sites.

Kindly, reply with a positive feedback.

  • Avinash Singh
  • Feb 19 2018
  • Likely to implement
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