Deletion of Barcodes for Assortment created for Promotion


In modern retail there are promotion so all sorts running through out the year.

And for those promotions assortments are created. If we keep the old assortment in the system and don't reuse it then it will create a huge clutter of assortment which will unnecessarily create confusion and also increase the time required to search a particular assortment and also increase errors. 

So if we want to reuse an old assortment then -

In present scenerio, barcodes in each assortment have to be deleted individually. There is no check box to select all barcodes and do one single click delete all. As a result individual deleted of barcodes is cumbersome and time consuming.

So it would be great if a select all check box is added in the assortment creation window. 

Kindly look into it on a urgent basis as Jan is almost there and we all know that its time for all sorts of promotions.


Girish Gulgulia

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  • Dec 30 2017
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    Product Team commented
    12 Jan, 2018 07:32am

    We already have an import excel functionality for this which you can use for deleting all the barcodes at once. Use Import class: 'Promotion Assortment - Item Addition' for the same. You will find a provision where system will ask you behaviour, i.e., Specify whether to clear the existing assortment details and then populate the new ones or just to append to the existing ones.

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