Kindly Change the default view in POs for bill modification grt and etc


At present in POS when one access the bill modification menu, the system shows all the invoices till date for all the years. this slows down the system. i believe there should be option in master setup to put a limit to this. 

as we have during goods return in pos. we can set the limit to x no of days. after that bill wise goods return from customer is not possible.

By doing the same. the system resource will not be wastefully consumed  plus it will be less time consuming as bill modification is accessed to either cancel or modify any invoice of that date or max a couple of days back.

the same issue is with goods receive module, goods return module and other pos modules.

the whole data for all the years in shown which detays the work and slows down the system. create a filter similar to that you have in ho in Goods receive module.



Girish Gulgulia

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  • Oct 30 2017
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    Product Team commented
    30 Nov, 2017 07:42am

    You can apply filters in the list view by following the steps shown in the attached image.

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