Profile based option required to allow charge modification at the time of Service Invoicing against Service Order

Currently users are not allowed to change Service Charge amount during Service Invoice creation against Service Order.

Now users want an option similar to Price Modification profile settings of GRC Against Order

'Price modification in GRC against order' - Allow, Not Allow, Upto PO Price Only


Similarly provide an option for Service Invoice.

'Price modification in Service Invoice [Against Document']  - Allow, Not Allow, Upto Service Order Price Only.

Depending upon that allow the users to modify the Service charges.

Allow - Users allowed to modify the Service Charge during Invoice creation.

Not Allowed - Users not allowed to modify the Service Charge during Invoice creation

Upto Service Order Price Only - Users can not provide any value which is greater than the Service Charge amount of Service Order.

  • Product Team
  • Aug 21 2017
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Released Version [For Internal use] 12.7.0
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