Need one short approval in BOM Creation

Earlier in V10 if we create BOM directly it goes to production, But Now its required APPROVAL, this point of APPROVAL is valid and good. But for our scenario we have around 2000 designs every designs having 7 sizes so almost we need to approve around 14000 designs by individually . 


So we need one short Approval just like earlier. or else we need to  bypass the approval in BOM creation only.


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  • Jul 31 2017
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Released Version [For Internal use] 11.133.7
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    Product Team commented
    24 Sep, 2018 05:35am
    • If the Profile option for ' Allow BOM Approval' is set to Yes,
    • Then on saving of BOM, check if last version of all the selected items are approved or not.
    • If Un-approved version found then,
    • Display option for 'Do you want to approve pending BOM?'
    • If Yes, then
    • Approve the all un-approved BOM, for assembly item selected.
    • Approved date will be system date, and Approved by will be connected user login
    • If No then skip.
    •  By default No will remain selected.
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    Product Team commented
    2 Oct, 2017 07:19am

    Kindly log a support ticket to get it done from normal helpdesk process.

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