Need to Share Promotion Data to Third Party

We need to Share the Promotion data to Third Party via API , Excel File, Table Through or Any other Source

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  • May 15 2017
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  • Jan 4, 2019

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    Since we did not receive any response from your end against the posted comments, We are unable to consider this idea to proceed further so marking this as "Will not Implement". In case you need any further help regarding this, request you to log a new idea with proper details as required by the Product Team.

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    Product Team commented
    22 May, 2017 09:44am

    It is not about providing the solution technically; the challenge is more on functional in order how data will be provided. We request you to create a sample excel sheet considering the various types of promotion given in GINESYS.


    For your better understanding work on the following and create the sample excel sheet:


    Suppose there is Division like Mens , Ladies

    Brand like ABC,XYZ

    Barcodes like A123,A124,A125




    1- Buy X Item from Assortment A Get 1 Unit from Assortment Y as Free Vat Extra

    2- Buy 1 Unit from Assortment 1 and 1 Unit from Assortment 2 and Get 50% Off

    3- Buy Good worth 5000 from Assortment A and get 2 unit from Assortment B (lowest price) @ Rs 50 each.


    Also consider that the promotion would be resolved for each site separately and for all combination of items at different point of time.


    Thus, we recommend that promotion logic should be developed by the 3rd party application vendor and get it resolved as per requirement. 


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